lolas diary

Lolas diary


We love Palma!

Some weeks ago we went to Palma to photoshooting the summercollection, supersunday and summercalender! Those trips are amazing. We are four persons from House of Lola, our photographer and three friends/models going on this worktrip. I write friends/models cause they do not work as models – they are our friends and models for Lola :) When I try to tell someone about how wonderful those trips are it is very hard to know what to say. So I sat down and really tried to understand why it is so lovely!

We work really hard when we are in Palma. We prepare for weeks before travelling and then on sight it is a really hard schedule. We chase minutes to keep the schedule and all the clothes are ironed to look nice after unpacking them from the suitcases. So, what is so wonderful about that?

Well, I think the feeling that we are so good togehter and that we do everything by ourselves is one of the big wonderful things about the trip. There is no one helping us on sight. There is no make up artist that makes everyone look pretty. I put the make up on and it is fast and I do not put mascara in their eyes to often :) Everyone have to help out to carry clothes, water and fruit between the photoshoots. The clothes is packed in our own suitcases and everyone have to bring something. The feeling of doing things together and the feeling that is going really great is fantastic!

We also know eachother very well. We have done this type of trips together many times and we know how everyone is working. We know who need a lot of sleep and we know that when someone needs to do number 2, they put on the TV with very high volume. Everything is working very smooth :) So, what is so wonderful about that?

Well, to be able to really relax around other people is something very beautiful. When I forget what to say – there is someone else filling the blank and when someone else loose something, I find it. That is beautiful.

And then there is this childish humour. Somehow we all have the same silly humour. It all starts when we meet up at the airport. Someone starts to tell an old story and all of a sudden one of the models have a second name. She gets two different names during the whole trip. Marie or Maria – it depends how foxy she is. We find some funny words or a funny sentence and we start saying it over and over again. This time it was “But, you are not allowed to do that”. We say with different accents, in different contexts and we laugh until we cry. This part of the journey is extra hard to retell. It doesn´t sound fun at all when I try to retell everything about our humour – but when in Palma it is ours. Our own little, secret humour-club. And that club is worth a million!

Thank you for all the fantastic memories Palma-club 2019! You are all great!

No we long to share all the wonderful pictures we you all! Spring and summer 2019 here we come!

Hugs from Lola