lolas diary

Lolas diary


Springfeelings and drama

Every season me and my colleague goes away for two day to start the work with the collection that will be launched in a year.They are very lovely and very intense days. We walk and walk and walk, get inspired by people, styles and trends and after that we stay in bed in really comfy clothes in our hotelroom, working with the computers in our laps. But even how much walk-time and comfy-clothes time we have, I really love those days! Me and my colleague get time to talk, plan, laugh, eat and we get training without effort – cause we walk all the time :)

The start of this trip was a little bit different. It is like this. I have discovered a new thing in my life – monthly cup – a small silicon cup that is the new thing!

…. The ones that don´t like stories about period-matters can stop read now… :)

This monthly cup is really a great thing. I feel free and it is really simplifying everything around training and swimming. I really like it. But…

This month I had a small issue. I felt that the small thing that is in the bottom of the cup (that I use to take out the cup) did hurt a little bit – I felt it when I walked and it was not a very nice feeling. I am always in for great solutions - so I googled. If anyone that reads this have the same issue as I and wonder if there are any good tips on internet and you get the following tip: Turn it inside out and the thing will be inside the cup instead – DO NOT test it! DON`T!! Find another solution! The trick with the inside/out cup can make you end up in a child-delivery-situation in your bathroom. You will be your own midwife and your hand will be a delivery-tool. If someone needs help during deliveries in the future – do not hesitate to ask me – I have totally new knowledge in this area :)

At Arlanda I met my lovely colleague. She is happy and joyful and has no knowledge of being a midwife. We check in and forget to check in our luggage. At the safety-control they look a little bit strange on the two persons with giant suitcases. It´s really good that we have everything under control…

The days in London are lovely. It is cold. But we take some pictures of flowers.

In one store I try on a skirt that have a detail in front that looks like an elephant´s trunk. It is not pretty. In another store I want to buy a pair of shoes. The salesman says “I need the thing in the shoe to scan it” I hear: “I need your finger in the shoe to scan it”. I think that it is really strange that he wants my finger in the shoe, but I want to do as he says. With some hesitation and my eyes looking on the shoe and then on the salesman I very slowly put my finger in the shoe. The salesman looks at me as I am a total wierdo and says with louder voice, meanwhile he points on the plastic thing that I took out of the shoe to try it on “I need the thing in the shoe to scan it” Yes offcourse. Naturally. I do not feel stupid at all when I am standing looking at the salesman with my finger in the shoe. Not at all.

And then it is the thing with time differences. My armwatch gives me Swedish time. My mobilephone gives me London time. My computer gives me some time – actually I do not remember if it is swedish or brittish. It gets messy when I stress my colleague that we will miss the flight and the time is 1 hour less and it gets strange to the nice waitress at the restaurant Ping Pong who do not understand why the Swedish girls think it is not ok to sit down and wait for their table when it is one hour before the reservation. Well, well, time is just time. It is always good to be on time, then you have time for a drink before dinner!

Now we are on the plane on our way back to Sweden with a lot of new impressions, new inspiration, a monthly cup that is not hurting. Soon it is the same time on all my watches. That will help.

Big hugs from Lola